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Use Robust Interfaces for Instant Interaction.

Save days of fiddling and exchange data straight away.
basebox supports all relevant interface standards. It enables your application to securely exchange data with existing systems, e.g., devices, sensors, or legacy systems. Any number of devices can be connected, and data exchange is always stable and fast.
You don´t have to think about how you want to connect something - only what.basebox does the rest.

Whatever You Connect.
basebox Handles Your Data Safely.


basebox handles all kinds of devices.

Devices, such as smartphones, are securely linked with basebox. The data exchange takes place via HTTPS. You define which data, to what extent, by whom, and with which rights get exchanged between basebox and the smartphone. basebox contains rights management for easy configuration.

Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi

basebox handles the rights of any number of these devices.

A device like a smartphone connected to basebox can be connected to other devices, such as sensors. >>Devices can connect with each other via Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi, or any other technology.


basebox handles any number of devices without performance loss.

Any device that speaks GraphQL can directly connect to basebox.

Maintain a Lot of Power With Python for Business Logic and GraphQL for Data.


It is a core component; you don´t have to setup anything.

Connect your frontend client via the universal GraphQL API. In your query, you describe what data you want to get. basebox converts your GraphQL to SQL, hits the database, and returns the results in JSON format.


Python Business Logic

Included but optional.

The business logic layer allows custom logic to be injected into basebox. It is implemented in Python (you write Python code to implement custom logic) and called like a hook function before and after basebox hits the database.

A gRPC based business logic layer is in the making, allowing you to use microservices for custom logic.

Don’t Think About How to Connect -
But What.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard file and data interchange format that uses human-readable text to store and transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and arrays (or other serializable values). It is a common data format with diverse uses in electronic data interchange, including web applications with servers.

More to Come

We will add a sophisticated data export module that supports multiple data exchange standards, such as