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basebox raises € 0.5m for fast and secure digitization

The software company basebox GmbH, founded by software developer Markus Thielen and digital expert, René Herzer, has closed a pre-seed round of € 500,000. The funding was supported by Quidam holding company and business angel Johanna Konrad. basebox, based in the Munich area, was founded in July 2022 to help develop innovations in highly regulated sectors faster and at lower cost.

Often Underestimated: The Secure Data Management System

In recent years, the importance of security and compliance has continued to grow. Companies must adhere to increasingly strict rules to ensure that customer data is protected. At the same time, the threat of cyber-attacks is growing.

"It's not a lack of talent and expertise to develop an innovative product, but a lack of powerful, secure and compliant infrastructure that costs little time and money. basebox is a ready-to-use data management system for software developers. On this basis, teams can concentrate on their idea and innovation development" says René Herzer, founder of basebox.

Increasing Compliance and Security in Critical Areas

In data-sensitive sectors such as healthcare, administration, defense and mobility, efficient data management system development encounters complex requirements. Until now, developers had to make a choice between rapid deployment and high security. This compromise is now over. With basebox, anyone can implement a secure data management system: Self-hosted, Rust-based and universally deployable as an off-the-shelf product through GraphQL API.
"Teams now have the time to do what productively moves their project forward, because the regulatory, security and performance requirements are already implemented" explains Markus Thielen, founder of basebox. The result: more efficiency and planning security for teams developing software in data-sensitive sectors.

Saving Time and Money With basebox

basebox can be installed within an afternoon, saving teams up to 8 months of development time and 300,000 euros of the project budget.

Beta Launch in March 2023

The first version of basebox will be released soon.

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