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Fast Forward to Business.

Save up to 90% backend costs and outperform your competition.
basebox supports you in solving three conflicting demands placed on you:
1. Deliver on time
2. Stay on budget
3. Ship quality

Compliant, secure backend development is your biggest risk factor in meeting these demands. Now, you can get there elegantly and cost-effectively. Simply install thousands of hours of professional development time. Meet all regulatory requirements and protect your business from cyber-attacks in the long run.
An expert decision for your business success and your peace of mind.

Focus On Your Real Business Drivers -
Instead of Building Another Backend.

90% Less Backend Cost

Software products consist of frontend + backend
In sensitive sectors, there are extensive security, regulatory compliance, and performance requirements.
As a rule of thumb, the technical development efforts in sensitive sectors can be split like this:

basebox supplies developers with all backend components compliantly and securely.
Just like that, 90% of their backend work is done.
The remaining 10% are efforts for:

3 Fewer Developers Needed

A typical developer (core) team consists of 2 backend + 1 frontend developer + specialists
Backend development includes many individual tasks that require special expertise:

to name a few.

Not everything can be accomplished by one developer.
In the case of regulated products, knowledge of the regulatory requirements in software development is an additional factor.
A team that brings all the needed skills to the table is fantastic but comes at a high cost and sometimes a long search.

You don't need to assemble this team.
By using basebox, you install the work of an entire professional development team.

6+ Months Faster

In non-regulated sectors, backend development takes 3 - 6 months of working time
The range depends on the functional requirements.
Developing backends in sensitive (read: regulated) sectors takes up to twice as long.

Reasons are

Be faster than your competitors. Just skip this stage.

No Hidden Costs

Backend development in sensitive sectors requires the input of specialists

basebox eliminates the costs for

Lower Operational Expenses (OPEX)

No costs for security updates and functional extensions

Your backend needs to adapt continuously to changing security requirements.
basebox provides security updates continuously and free of charge.

With your product's new features, functional backend extensions become necessary.
basebox is constantly expanding its range of functions.

You will need less staff in the development team, or your developers can dedicate themselves to more profitable tasks.

Simple, Fair Pricing

Start Free With Your First 10 Users. Low backend costs forever.

Comprehensible prices protect you from surprises. Our pricing model does not require technical expertise. No eternal calculations. Simple and straightforward.
And if something changes on your end, the fees adjust. In fact, the more users you have, the more cost-efficient it gets.


Mitigated Risks

Avoid visible and invisible traps from the start

Visible traps

Invisible traps

Energy Efficient

Act ecologically and sustainably

Software usage consumes CO2. basebox' code and software architecture are designed for energy efficiency. This reduces the energy consumption resulting from the usage of your app.
You will feel it in the lower bill from your hosting provider.