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Energy Efficiency

basebox is designed to consume as little energy as possible. We have achieved a lot by choosing the programming language (Rust) and using a particularly high-performance, energy-efficient HTTP server (Actix).

Database I/O consumes a significant amount of energy, as well. With our GraphQL to SQL compiler, we significantly reduced the number of database round trips. Good for the performance of your application and the climate.

Every Click in Your Solution Consumes Energy. With an Efficient Backend, You Reduce Your Ecological Footprint.

Written in 100% Rust

Rust is one of the most energy-efficient programming languages available

Besides security and performance, energy efficiency is an outstanding characteristic of Rust. Faster software without increased server power means lower energy consumption. So you save hardware as your business grows. This still impacts the environment, but less. And you save costs, too.

Portuguese scientists have compared the energy efficiency of 27 commonly used software languages. Rust scores outstandingly well.


GraphQL to SQL Compiler

Significantly fewer database hits.

basebox features a unique GraphQL request compiler that translates GraphQL requests into SQL statements. This approach has the following benefits:

  • Drastically reduces implementation efforts by automatically serving all schema compliant requests.
  • Significantly speeds up requests by merging entity queries into single database requests (JOINs for SQL), thus sparing unnecessary database round trips.

Both functions significantly reduce server load and, thus, energy consumption.