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Company Overview

  • Founded

  • Founders
    René Herzer
    Markus Thielen

  • Investors
    Quidam Beteiligungen
    Johanna Konrad

  • Mission
    Easier innovation development

  • Product
    basebox is a compliant, secure Digital Health platform. It enables you to build solutions faster and at lower cost.

  • Location
    Utting am Ammersee. A small village near Munich in Bavaria.

  • Company size
    Two founders plus two employees.

  • Anything Special?

    • basebox is the answer to everything missing to make innovation development easier at scale.
    • The founders were 49 and 51 when starting the company.
    • Utting is the least place to build a product like basebox.
      It's not: cool, fast, innovative, full of world changing people, hip, loud, crowded with investors.
      But it is: very beautiful, has a nice Strandbad (you should visit us in summer), the Alps are close and it is calm enough to build a sophisticated product like basebox.

Press Releases

basebox Logo Wortbildmarke

Key Visuals

basebox key visualbasebox key visual bluebasebox key visual hitebasebox architecture


basebox Founders

Markus Thielen

basebox Markus Thielen

René Herzer

basebox René Herzer