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About basebox

The Company

The Team Behind the Code

  • René Herzer


    • Entrepreneur since 1996
    • 4 companies founded (3 exits)
    • 27 digital health teams at BIH/Charité Innovations advised
  • Markus Thielen


    • 1 Health Tech company founded (exit)
    • 30+ years in professional software dev
    • 10+ years in digital health dev
  • Lizzy Herzer

    Head of Sales

    • Entrepreneur since 1999
    • 1 company founded (exit)
    • 100+ events
    • 30+ strategies
  • Kevin Naidoo

    Head Of Engineering

    • Entrepreneur since 2005
    • Founder of 12 businesses
    • 22+ years of dev experience
    • 15 years in highly regulated sectors
  • Gerd Dautel

    Regulatory Affairs

    • ex Stryker Senior Director RA/QA
    • 30+ yrs in medical device industry
    • Specialist for FDA, QSR, ISO13485, ISO14971, IEC62304, MDR etc.

How it all started...

We spent four years working with physicians and scientists of Charité Berlin, developing Digital Health solutions.
During this time, we noticed that even the best ideas had difficulty making it to market.

What was the problem?

Data management, the essential function of the backend of their innovation, was underestimated by almost everyone regarding:

  • Time
  • Costs
  • Skills
  • Compliance
  • Complexity
  • Regulation
  • Cybersecurity

Each team developed new solutions to the same data management challenges and invented yet another more or less usable backend.
This occurred over, and over again.

What is the problem with this?

The waste of resources.
A secure, compliant, performant backend costs as much as € 300 - 500.000. It consumes 6-12 months of development time.
These resources can be better invested.

In 2020, a lightbulb went off

Could there be a Digital Health platform?

  • Regulatory compliant?
  • Very secure?
  • Blazing fast?

We needed precisely this, but it wasn't there.

If we succeed we might say: "Get your Digital Health solution done with ease"

The whole backend, with all of its hurdles, might be up and running in an afternoon.

  • Development time decreased from at least six months to a few hours.
  • Significantly fewer successful cyber-attacks.
  • Improved performance.
  • Less struggle for developers.
  • A lot of money saved.
  • Less stress for everyone.

And then? What other possibilities might open up?

  • More regulatory-compliant products would make it to market.
  • More digital health innovations would become available for patients.
  • Fewer successful cyber-attacks would result in better security.
  • Digital Health solutions would no longer be pie in the sky but could be implemented quickly and in compliance with the law.

More questions are now in our past:

  • "What about performance when we have thousands of users?"
  • "Is this being developed according to regulations?"
  • "Where will we be hosted?"
  • "What about all the data?"

The project took us on an 12-month-long deep dive into cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

Footnote: Our optimism was questioned.

  • "An off-the-shelf backend for compliant services? Is that even possible?"
  • "We have Django, AWS-Amplify - why should I need basebox?"
  • "Backend...we prefer to build it ourselves, just like before."
  • "We would never change a well running system."
  • "We have already built our backend."

No need to worry. Even if we can't answer all of life's questions 😉 - we can answer these.

Join the team

People, Product, Profit

We believe in this order. Not the other way around.
They say the first seven people in a company shape the culture forever.

basebox is in the early "architecture" phase, developing the foundation. We have a do-it-yourself mentality whenever that makes sense.

We are currently looking for one more developer, ideally with Rust experience.

A few things are important to us

  • Friendly character
  • Independent thinking
  • Fearlessness
  • Quality consciousness

That's you?

We do not have a formalized application process; just email us: