Inside basebox

Inside basebox Investor Update: From Funding To Beta Launch.

Our info letter to investors we were in contact with in the pre-seed round.

Inside basebox Investor Update: Von Funding bis Beta Launch.

Unser Infobrief an Investoren, mit denen wir in der Pre-Seed Runde in Kontakt standen.

Are You Developing a Healthcare App?

Get a compliant backend - for feedback only.

Why We Developed a GraphQL Compiler

Creating an entire back-end using just GraphQL. Suitable for any developer without advanced knowledge of creating and managing databases.

basebox raises € 0.5m for fast and secure digitization

Press release, Mar 24, 2023

What Does Backend Development Mean?

A simple explanation for managers, with little technical knowledge.

Was bisher geschah und was noch vor uns liegt

Kurzbericht von der ersten Idee bis zur Gründung als GmbH mit Ausblick bis zum Beta Launch.