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Lipocheck Runs on basebox

Lipo Check is an innovative digital healthcare startup that aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema. The application runs on basebox and aims to be the digital hospital for lipedema patients. The founders of the company are two sisters, Anina Langhans and Helena Rapprich, and their father, Dr. Stefan Rapprich. We spoke with them to learn more about their startup and how they use basebox.
Helena RapprichAnina Langhans

What is lipedema exactly, and how many women does it affect?

Lipedema is a chronical and painful fat distribution disorder characterized by the abnormal accumulation of fat, primarily in the lower extremities such as the legs, thighs, and buttocks. It is symmetrical, meaning it affects both sides of the body equally, and spares the feet. Lipedema can lead to a disproportionate appearance between the affected areas and the upper body. Common symptoms of lipedema include pain, tenderness, easy bruising, and swelling in the affected areas. It can also result in mobility issues and can have a significant impact on a person's quality of life.

The exact cause of lipedema is not well understood, but it is believed to have a genetic component, as it often runs in families. Hormonal factors may also play a role in its development or progression. It is primarily seen in women, with estimates suggesting that it affects approximately 10% of adult women. However, the exact prevalence may vary depending on the population studied and the criteria used for diagnosis.

Lipedema is often misdiagnosed or confused with obesity, lymphedema, or other conditions, which can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment. While there is no cure for lipedema, there are various treatment options available to manage its symptoms, including lifestyle modifications, compression garments, physical therapy, and in some cases, surgical interventions such as liposuction. Early diagnosis and appropriate management can help improve the quality of life for individuals with lipedema.

How does LipoCheck work?

LipoCheck is an healthtech startup which improves diagnostic and treatment for millions of women with lipedema. Based on decades of unique experience and thousands of data LipoCheck's AI-powered health plattform allows women to get an early detection and the daily support in individual treatment, they would otherwise have no access to it.

Our commitment to women's health is embodied in three key components:

Patient-Centric Mobile App: Our user-friendly mobile application serves as a lifeline for patients, providing them with the tools they need for early detection, personalized knowledge, and effective self-management. Through the app, women can monitor their condition, track progress, and gain access to a wealth of information and resources tailored to their unique needs. This proactive approach to lipedema management empowers individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.

Professional Dashboard: LipoCheck extends its impact beyond patients by offering a comprehensive dashboard for healthcare professionals. This dashboard streamlines their workflow, saving valuable time and enhancing patient care. Through easy-to-use documentation features, healthcare providers can efficiently track the progression of lipedema, making treatment planning more precise and effective. Our platform fosters collaboration and communication among professionals, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care at every stage of their journey.

AI-Powered Models: At the heart of LipoCheck's innovation lies our state-of-the-art AI models. These models deliver objective diagnoses, meticulous tracking of disease progression, and precise measurements of the condition's extent. By leveraging AI, we eliminate subjectivity from the diagnostic process, ensuring that patients receive accurate assessments and individualized care plans. Our AI-driven Verlaufsdokumentation (progress documentation) and Umfangsmessung (measurement of affected areas) set a new standard in lipedema management, ultimately leading to better treatment outcomes.

In summary, LipoCheck is pioneering a paradigm shift in the way lipedema is diagnosed and managed. By combining the power of AI with a patient-centric approach and a professional-friendly dashboard, we are breaking down barriers to access and providing women with the support and resources they need to live healthier lives. Our mission is to empower both patients and healthcare providers, ultimately improving the quality of life for millions of women affected by lipedema.

How do you address the resentment that women with lipedema often face?

One of the main concerns guiding us in the development of LipoCheck was to create a system that is simple, accessible, and fun. We understand that many women with lipedema often face prejudice and misunderstanding, which compounds the challenges of their condition. The medical world can be intricate and daunting, and we wanted to craft a space where women feel safe and supported, without the use of the app becoming an added stressor.

Our app is designed to be used with joy and ease. We didn't want to just create another medical tool; we aimed for a platform that encourages women to actively participate in their treatment and healthcare. We've worked diligently to ensure the user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, integrating playful elements to make the process more enjoyable.

It's vital for us to show these women that they aren't alone and that there's a community backing them. Our goal is to alleviate their fears and concerns, accompanying them on their journey. At every step of this path, LipoCheck stands by their side, assisting them in better understanding themselves and receiving optimal care.

To address the question directly: We take the resentment that women with lipedema often experience very seriously. Our primary objective with LipoCheck is to give these women a voice, support them, and aid them in managing their condition with dignity, confidence, and even a touch of fun. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for these brave women and support them in obtaining the best possible care.

We are proud to have you as our first pilot customer. Could you tell us more about your experience working with us?

The remarkable journey of our collaboration began with a single letter of application. It was a modest email that introduced us to the potential of basebox's product. Little did we know that this simple email would pave the way for a remarkable partnership.

In those early days, both basebox and our team found ourselves at a pivotal juncture in our development. basebox's product was still in the process of being refined, and we were diligently working on our own technical architecture. It was a moment where our paths aligned, presenting us with a unique opportunity.

As the months unfolded, it became increasingly evident that basebox held the key to expediting the launch of our app. We recognized that the complexity of our product demanded more than what conventional serverless solutions could provide. basebox emerged as the ideal solution, offering the robustness and flexibility required to bring our vision to life.

What followed was the inception of an exceptional collaboration that exceeded all expectations. Central to this success was the seamless and rapid communication we enjoyed with the basebox team. Platforms like Slack and the Community Channel became our digital hubs for exchange, where ideas flowed freely, questions found answers, and challenges were met with innovative solutions.

Looking back, that simple email marked the beginning of a truly remarkable journey. Together with basebox, we've overcome hurdles, unlocked new possibilities, and are now poised to deliver a transformative solution to our users. Our shared commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive us forward, and we're excited to see where the future will take us in this extraordinary partnership.

Why did you choose basebox, and what convinced you about it?

Rust! It's time to delve into the technical side of our journey.

Right from the outset, we were acutely aware that a serverless architecture, while suitable for our minimum viable product (MVP), had inherent limitations when it came to scalability and security. It served as a practical stepping stone to get our concept off the ground and validate its potential. However, we always had our sights set on something more robust and sophisticated for the future—a backend infrastructure that could rival the capabilities of a platform like basebox.

The vision we had for our product aligned closely with what basebox had to offer, and it was a testament to their expertise and capabilities in this space.

The decision to use basebox as our backend backend, essentially mirroring the functionality of what we needed, was not taken lightly. It represented a significant leap forward in terms of technical complexity and responsibility. However, we were driven by the belief that basebox tailored to our specific needs, we could achieve a level of scalability and security that would propel our product to new heights.

As we ventured deeper into the intricacies of building our backend, we found ourselves embracing the power and versatility of Rust—an exceptional programming language known for its speed, safety, and reliability. Basebox was the perfect match in terms of safety, cost and development time.

How has your cooperation with basebox been so far, and what makes it special?

Our cooperation with basebox is nothing short of extraordinary, and it's defined by several exceptional qualities that set it apart.

First and foremost, the communication between our teams has been seamless and highly responsive. Utilizing channels like Slack and the Community Platform, we've enjoyed a constant and productive technical exchange. No matter how complex or seemingly trivial the questions, basebox has consistently provided rapid and insightful responses. This level of accessibility and willingness to engage in dialogue has been invaluable to the success of our collaboration, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish and problems find swift solutions.

What truly makes our partnership special is the ability to evolve and grow together. basebox's commitment to meeting our specific needs and timelines has been remarkable. They've demonstrated a remarkable agility in implementing special features that we required, often turning around complex additions within a matter of days. This level of dedication and responsiveness from the outstanding developers at basebox has not only accelerated our project but has also instilled confidence in the reliability of our partnership.

Beyond the technical aspects, our collaboration with basebox extends into the realm of business strategy. It's not just about the present; it's about shaping the future together. basebox consistently listens to our ideas and actively engages in discussions about how we can implement them jointly. This forward-looking approach ensures that we are not just solving immediate challenges but also paving the way for long-term success and innovation.

In essence, what sets our cooperation with basebox apart is a perfect synergy of technical excellence, proactive engagement, and a shared vision for the future. It's a partnership built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to delivering the best possible solution for our users.

Have you saved time and money by using basebox, and which functions and components of the basebox data management system do you appreciate the most?

Indeed, our partnership with basebox has proven to be a significant time and cost-saving boon for our project. Without the expertise and capabilities they brought to the table, we might still be navigating the complexities of backend development.

basebox has been instrumental in compressing our development timeline. Thanks to their robust data management system, we were able to roll out a fully functional backend in a remarkably short span of three months. This accelerated pace was crucial in meeting our project deadlines and getting our platform into the hands of users who needed it.

Developing a custom backend from scratch can be a resource-intensive endeavor. basebox provided us with a cost-effective solution that not only saved us money but also allowed us to allocate our resources more efficiently. This financial efficiency has enabled us to invest in other critical aspects of our project.

Security is a paramount concern for us, especially when handling sensitive healthcare data. basebox's data management system aligns with our stringent security requirements, providing peace of mind that our users' information is handled with the utmost care and protection. This level of security compliance would have been challenging and costly to achieve independently.

One of the standout aspects of Basebox's offering is the ease of implementation. Within just one month, we had the rudimentary framework of our backend in place, and from there, it was a matter of refining the finer details. This streamlined implementation process allowed us to quickly start focusing on enhancing the user experience and adding value to our platform.

basebox's system not only met our immediate needs but also offered the flexibility to integrate our own tools and functionalities. This level of customization has been a game-changer, allowing us to tailor our backend to the specific requirements of our project. It's a testament to basebox's commitment to supporting our unique vision.

In summary, our collaboration with basebox has translated into significant time and cost savings, allowing us to achieve more in less time and with fewer resources. Their data management system, with its robust security measures, ease of implementation, and customization capabilities, has been a cornerstone of our project's success.

Hand on heart, did you anticipate that developing a data management system or backend would be such a significant part of programming when you started with LipoCheck?

When we embarked on the journey with LipoCheck, we had a bit of a mixed expectation. Initially, we planned for a serverless architecture for our MVP, a decision that allowed us to move swiftly. However, we always had our sights set on developing our own backend in parallel, recognizing the long-term benefits it could offer. What caught us by surprise was the speed at which we could transition to our own backend solution with the help of basebox. We initially estimated a timeline of over a year for this process, but thanks to their expertise and robust data management system, we were able to significantly compress that timeline and get our platform up and running efficiently.

So, while we did anticipate the importance of a backend, we didn't anticipate that we could achieve it with such efficiency and speed, thanks to our collaboration with basebox.

Is there anything else you would like us to add to basebox in the future?

Absolutely, there are several areas where we see opportunities for growth and improvement, and we're excited to continue our collaboration with basebox in this regard. However, it's essential for us that this collaboration remains mutually rewarding.

In our discussions and requests, we always take great care to formulate features and functionalities that align with our needs but could also benefit other basebox customers. We believe in contributing to the collective growth of the platform.

Furthermore, we see a collaborative future where some functions will be developed by us through the custom module option at basebox, tailored specifically to our unique requirements. Simultaneously, there will be features that basebox will develop for us and their broader customer base in cooperation with our team. This collaborative approach ensures that the platform evolves in a way that addresses the evolving needs of all stakeholders, and we're enthusiastic about the possibilities it presents.

So, yes, there's a lot we envision adding to basebox in the future, but it's all part of a dynamic and symbiotic relationship aimed at mutual growth and innovation.

Where do you see LipoCheck in five years?

In five years, we envision LipoCheck as the undisputed go-to platform for individuals dealing with lipedema, offering a comprehensive suite of services for diagnosis, treatment, and unwavering support. Our journey towards this vision will be guided by two core pillars: innovation and accessibility.

Firstly, we aim to revolutionize lipedema diagnosis by developing an objective diagnostic parameter that relies on the latest advancements in technology and research. This parameter will eliminate subjectivity and ensure that patients receive accurate assessments, enabling healthcare providers to offer more effective and science-based treatment plans. It's a crucial step toward enhancing the quality of life for millions of women around the world.

Secondly, we're committed to leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies to make lipedema management accessible and convenient. Our platform will continue to evolve with the latest innovations, ensuring that patients have the tools they need for proactive care and that medical professionals can streamline their daily routines.

Ultimately, LipoCheck's vision is to empower millions of women to lead healthier, happier lives while providing healthcare professionals with the means to simplify their daily medical routines. In five years, we see ourselves as the global leader in lipedema care, making a profound and lasting impact on the lives of individuals affected by this condition.

Throughout our work together, we have noticed your enthusiasm and energy for your startup. Could you share your secret with our readers?

At the heart of our fervor lies a simple yet profound belief: the potential to profoundly transform the lives of those battling lipedema. This purpose fuels our every move.

A significant part of our drive stems from the uplifting feedback and endorsement we receive from the very community we aim to serve. Every story of someone benefiting from our platform not only affirms our direction but also adds to our momentum. It's a cycle of inspiration; their gratitude reinvigorates our commitment.

In a nutshell, our 'magic potion' is the intertwined bond we share with the lipedema community and the impactful change we're determined to instigate. Their collective resilience is our driving force, steering us through challenges and ensuring our dedication never wavers.

And, woven into our journey is a fundamental element – finding joy and fun in every step we take.