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Product Overview

basebox is a Digital Health platform that does not make any compromises in terms of security and compliance despite its quick deployment. Especially in healthcare, efficient solution development encounters complex system requirements. Until now, developers had to choose between fast availability and high security. This compromise is now over.

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All Important Backend Components Included

basebox contains all essential backend components. Data is highly secure thanks to an architecture specially designed for cybersecurity. User authorization and authentication are implemented based on OpenID Connect.

Powerful Interfaces

GraphQL via HTTPS is the only interface to connect your front-end client. Developers use Python to implement business logic; microservices support via gRPC is coming soon. The database schema is described in GraphQL. Nothing else is required for configuration and commissioning. Your PostgreSQL database is securely connected using peer authentication. The integrated OpenID Connect interface supports authentication services like KeyCloak, Auth0 or Okta.

Use Any Frontend Framework

Your front-end client can be developed with any framework like React, Angular, Vue, iOS, Android, or others. There are no limits to the languages used. JavaScript, Python, Java –– you decide. Any front-end client that speaks GraphQL over HTTPS can connect to basebox.

No Need to Write SQL

Thanks to the integrated GraphQL to SQL compiler that precompiles GraphQL operations to SQL, there is no need for SQL programming. This further increases performance while strengthening cybersecurity at the same time. SQL pros, however, can still review and optionally edit the generated SQL scripts.

Hosted by Yourself

basebox is self-hosted. Download, conveniently install, configure, and get started. You decide where your data is stored. There is no black box, and you have complete control.

High Performance

basebox is written in 100% Rust, the safe and high-performance programming language. The web server (Actix Web) is also written in Rust and is one of the fastest HTTP server implementations available today. It finished in the top 10 of all TechEmpower HTTP framework benchmarks. Therefore, the energy efficiency of basebox is high, and CO2 consumption is correspondingly low.

Compliant From Day One

To ensure regulatory compliance on day one of your product development, basebox has already filled out all the documents required in audits as part of the certification and makes them fully available for download. As a result, quality & regulatory professionals save months of writing compliance documents.

Cybersecurity Built-In

Cybersecurity requirements are fully met. The code is developed according to regulatory quality requirements and covered by unit and integration tests. External auditors regularly conduct penetration tests, as well as white-box and black-box hacking. Security updates are continuously made available for download.

Simple Pricing and Free Start

You can download basebox entirely free of charge and start building immediately.
The fees are calculated based on the number of users of your product. The first ten users are free, and you can have infinite users in your sandbox. There is no time limit on the license.

Lots of Business Benefits

According to the motto "Jump fast forward to business," you and your team can focus your resources on the actual value drivers of your business — e.g., data, customer experience, business processes, distribution, and sales. You save development costs for your backend and reduce the effort for security updates and maintenance in the operating phase. You need three fewer developers on the team. Your business risks are reduced in terms of compliance and security.

Made for Sensitive Sectors

In healthcare, data has even higher protection requirements. Development must be safe from the start. basebox takes care of the backend task and accelerates the implementation of any use case.

Made for Professionals