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Get Everything Done With Powerful Queries.

GraphQL Server, API and SQL compiler inside.
The interface to basebox uses GraphQL on top of https. Both are simple, flexible industry standards. No additional installations are required because the GraphQL server and an API are integral parts of basebox. Also, a unique GraphQL to SQL compiler is built in. It ensures high performance and keeps developers from having to do SQL work.

It's Like Beaming:
GraphQL In, JSON Out, Skipping SQL.

Universal GraphQL API

Advantages of GraphQL Compared to REST:

GraphQL Compiler

basebox' unique GraphQL compiler makes our GraphQL server exceptionally versatile.

The compiler is run during the installation or update of your project and converts your GraphQL schema file to a set of SQL template files for mutations and queries. basebox then uses these templates to translate GraphQL operations/requests into SQL queries, supporting automatic SQL joins to reduce database roundtrips to a minimum.

The benefits of this approach are:

In your query, you describe what information you want to get. basebox converts your GraphQL request to SQL, sends it to the database, and responds with GraphQL-compliant JSON.

Want to learn more about the benefits of having a GraphQL compiler? Read our Whitepaper:


Performance Benefits

When serving API requests, database I/O is by far the most expensive (time-consuming) part so we can expect a significant performance gain by

basebox' GraphQL compiler achieves both goals.

Additional benefits: