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Use Cases

Data requires special protection. The need is even greater in healthcare where cybersecurity and regulatory compliance matter. 90% of backend work, in all conceivable use cases, consists of these basic requirements: Data Management, Business Logic, Access Control, User Management.

Reinvention is unnecessary. basebox has built all essential components from scratch. Secure, regulatory compliant, and performant

basebox Meets Regulatory Requirements

basebox itself is not a medical device. It is a generic data management system. If you use it, it becomes an off-the-shelf (OTS) component of your product. basebox complies with all relevant medical device software development standards applicable to an OTS component (IEC 62304, IEC 81001-5-1, etc.). They can be used for free during any audit or submission. The legal manufacturer has to comply with the applicable medical device regulations.

Use a Sophisticated Backend to Protect Your Assets and Avoid Risks

Diagnosis & Therapy

Digital health solutions focused on diagnosis and therapy can be helpful for individuals who may have limited access to medical care, or for those who want to complement in-person care with digital tools. These solutions can help users access medical advice and treatment remotely, while also supporting healthcare providers in providing accurate diagnoses and effective therapies.

Get your backend done in an afternoon. E.g. for

  • Remote patient monitoring
    An app that connects patients with doctors and medical personnel in real-time, allowing them to report symptoms or medication.
  • Diagnostic support
    An app that analyzes patient symptoms and provides doctors with clues to possible diagnoses.
  • Digital therapies
    An app that offers specifically designed digital therapies to treat certain conditions or mental health issues.
  • Telemedicine
    An app that allows patients to receive medical advice and treatment via video or phone call.

Prevention & Wellness

Digital health solutions focused on promoting prevention and wellness can be helpful for individuals who want to take proactive steps towards managing their health and well-being. These solutions can help users stay on top of their health metrics and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Get your backend done in an afternoon. E.g. for

  • Personal health management
    An app for monitoring health metrics such as blood pressure, weight, or sleep quality.
  • Nutrition guidance
    An app that suggests healthy food options and helps achieve a balanced diet.
  • Fitness tracking
    An app for monitoring workout routines and progress towards fitness goals.
  • Stress management
    An app for monitoring stress levels and providing relaxation techniques such as meditation or breathing exercises.
  • Health coaching
    An app that creates personalized health plans and provides individual advice for improving overall health.

Medical Research & Development

Digital health solutions focused on medical research and development can be helpful for medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies who are seeking to better understand disease progression, develop new treatments, and improve patient outcomes. These solutions can help accelerate the pace of medical innovation and improve the quality of care available to patients.

Get your backend done in an afternoon. E.g. for

  • Data analytics
    A platform for analyzing patient data to gain new insights into disease progression and treatment outcomes.
  • Clinical trials
    An app for recruiting participants for clinical trials and conducting trials through mobile devices.
  • Personalized medicine
    A platform for creating personalized treatment plans based on individual genetic and clinical characteristics.
  • Medical imaging
    An app for analyzing medical images such as X-rays or CT scans to support diagnoses and treatment planning.
  • Drug development
    A platform for developing new drugs and therapies based on data from clinical trials and patient data.

Management & Networking

Digital health solutions focused on healthcare management and networking can be helpful for healthcare providers and patients alike. These solutions can streamline medical records management, appointment scheduling, patient tracking, and medical billing, making it easier for healthcare providers to provide effective care and for patients to manage their own health.

Get your backend done in an afternoon. E.g. for

  • Electronic health records
    A platform for storing and managing patient data that simplifies access to this data for medical personnel and patients.
  • Appointment scheduling
    An app that simplifies scheduling and reminders for medical appointments.
  • Patient tracking
    An app that tracks patient progress and helps them manage their health between appointments.
  • Medical billing and payments
    An app that simplifies medical billing and payment processes for patients and healthcare providers.